Dear Atlanta, 

You have been so much fun, and with the friends I’ve met, I can say that some of the nicest dancers in the US  live in your HOT city!  I’ll miss the sun, the warm winters and the fact that I never once in 2 years wore boots.  And the fact that during my time there, any sickness I had I can count on one hand.  I’ll be back… in a few weeks to pack up our apartment!

Love, Liz

The boxes are beginning to be packed, my car full of basic supplies: clothing for the Minnesota summer (slightly cooler than Atlanta), teaching supplies to set up the beginnings of my music room, pots, pans, dishes and MUSIC!  (I won the battle and I *am* bringing my crosley record player!).  

Tomorrow bright and early we begin our road trip, Jeff and I will squeeze ourselves into my clean little bug (new tires, new battery, new lights) and head as far north as possible before we hit the hay.   Quite literally too, we’re thinking to make this first of three road-trips as inexpensive as possible.  

Our ETA to the Twin Cities is Sunday mid-late afternoon, where we’ll crash with Shawn and Chelsea, meet up with the parents, and help my brother and his wife move out of their house.  Coincidentally, due to their move, my brother/wife had to cancel their wedding reception: meaning family is flying in for the whole non-shin-dig!  I get to be with my parents!  

The rest of the week will be spent unpacking our things into said brother’s old house, painting hideous bachelor’s-pad walls, scrubbing floors, getting rid of more cat hair, and being with friends.  I heard rumor that the Twin Cities BalFest is happening, I may volunteer to see people once more!

More to come, I’m sure.