Wrapping up labor day weekend is always nostalgic.  After returning to Atlanta to pick up my husband, clean up the apartment and turn in the keys, drive to Greenville South Carolina and eat a “birthday dinner”, I would say that my labor day weekend was everything *but* relaxing.  Always fun, though!


Driving the moving truck back to Minneapolis from Atlanta.

Jeff and I managed to squeeze in a “Fly like Frankie” aerials workshop at Furman University en route to Minneapolis, MN.  Our final move back to Minneapolis- with a quick afternoon of flips and fun- was successful!  We returned home late Sunday night and spent Monday relaxing before the school year begins on Tuesday.

Most recent thoughts as the era of yellow-buses and early-mornings begin: training at Noble Academy (http://www.nobleacademy.us/) has been eye-opening.  I feel as if I’m among professionals and mentors.  Each grade has an impressive leader, the school is led by intensively passionate administrators who want their children to succeed.  Over the past two weeks of home visits and staff development, I feel as if I’m beginning the school year not as a ‘new’ staff member, but one who already knows names and faces, who understands where some of the families are coming from, and who feels supported.

I believe that September will be full of early mornings and late nights (and beginning circus/aerials training once a week!) as I get back into the routine.  Also on the list of to-do’s: a dog, saving to buy the house and spending time with good friends.  All in a good day’s work!

A true Saturday morning to look forward to on our porch.  The good life.

A true Saturday morning to look forward to on our porch. The good life.