Performing in the Twin Cities

With only a few weeks left of teaching, followed by enrollment in graduate classes at the University of St. Thomas in Music Education, I am feeling thrilled with the year!

The middle school “Arts Performance Night” was a first-ever success!  The students rose to the occasion and there were very few errors.  We encountered issues with a tiny stage, microphone and lighting problems with finesse, and the students acted professionally as they clearly represented the future of a thriving music program.  Many students are eager for what they will be able to do next year.  The parent comments centered around two comments: “Wow, I never knew my child could sing like that!” and “they looked like they were having a lot of fun.  What’s next?”.

Another session of aerials arts wrapped up at Xelia’s Aerial Arts Studio with a student showcase.  Here I am performing on knot tissu (silks with a knot in the end of them, which allows for us to do complicated free-falls without hitting the ground).  Jeff and I will be continuing our studies, gaining strength with each session.  Our next show will not be until the fall, the summer being used to train for more challenging aerials.  My goal is to climb with more ease and success.

Liz Camozzi Performs on Knot Tissu

Until then, I wish you the best of springs.  I will now go enjoy the sun.

Spring to Summer in an Arts City

As April… and May showers hopefully bring May flowers, life is budding in Minneapolis, our city of arts.  The year at Noble Academy has wrapped up successfully, with two wonderful guest artists visiting the music room.  The middle school students have thrived on guitar, recorder, Orff instruments and vocal ensembles, and will be showing their talent for an “Arts Performance Night”, Thursday May 20th at Noble Academy.  The choir’s program is:

1) Nyob Zoo by the full choir.  A song in Hmong welcoming family and friends to a festive and important occasion.

2) Round and Round- full choir

3) Peace Round- full choir

4) Ode to Joy- Guitar ensemble

5) Sib Pab Ciaj Vaj- Men’s chorus.  A song in Hmong about the importance of community and teamwork.  Also Noble Academy’s Principal’s favorite song

6) Amazing Grace- Recorder Ensemble

7) Oh Shenandoah- Women’s chorus

8) The water is wide- full choir

9) Lean on me- full choir.  This is by far the students’ favorite song.  We will plan on ending on a festive note!

Also happening in the spring of 2010: My husband Jeff and I have been training at Xelia’s Aerial Arts studio in Minneapolis.  For the past 5 months we have trained in the circus arts of body tumbling, trapeze, and silks (tissu).  We will be performing at the end of May, both on silks.

Link to Xelias Aerial Arts

Lindy hop and swing dancing has taken it’s seat in our social life.  We recently attended Midwest Lindyfest in Minneapolis.  What a brilliant event, with national instructors and competitors all weekend.  Below is a picture of me and a partner from Denver competing at the local Jack and Jill contest.

As the school year winds down, I will be attending St. Thomas University’s graduate program in Music Education, focusing on Kodaly instruction.  A long awaited goal, I feel eager and ready to attend a semester of studies on music education and history.  I sincerely believe that every teacher should continue their education, as we are the bearers of our nation’s education