The 2010-11 school year at Noble Academy wrapped-up successfully with a K-8 concert, acceptance for a Q-comp lead position and a clean classroom!  There were more than a few sad goodbyes of wonderful teachers, whom will be greatly missed!  And then St. Thomas’s summer program began again!

First a note on the concert: students, you made me so proud!  The kindergarteners’ “ABC Tango” won the hearts of the packed audience right away, followed by some detailed plays by the young elementary students.  4th and 5th graders did a beautiful job on a recorder song, followed by a powerful performance by the 6th through 8th grade choirs!  “This is Me” will always be your song, middle schoolers!  We bade the 8th graders luck in high school, with a song chosen and performed by the 8th grade choir.  I am so grateful for my young musicians, you make me smile each day!
St. Thomas’s Kodaly program began right away in the summer.  In class from 7am to 4pm, followed by night classes 6pm to 9:30pm, I was a tired student.  I am so thankful for the Kodaly level I and II students who encouraged and inspired me during our two-week intensive course.  Between solfege mastery, learning the beautiful art of conducing at a masters level, and indexing the pedagogy of Kodaly repertoire, I leave the second year feeling a step closer to mastery.  (And a love of folk music!)  Students, be prepared for MANY more songs and games in the fall!

The summer will continue with St. Thomas’s courses in Music Theory and Teaching and Learning Theories.  Both professors are wonderful and encouraging, I look forward to each class I am enrolled in, and their affects in my classroom!

As summer slowly rolls in, I am continually grateful for where I am at.  Enjoy your gardening, time at the lake, and relaxing, students and teachers.  You deserve it!