A tribute to Martha Mae, my mom

Martha Ensign Johnson, my amazing mom

Oh my!  How did I forget the first grandparent to meet miss Ella Mae?  She came almost a month before Ella Mae was born for my graduation from graduate school.  She then stayed for my early contractions, which lasted over two weeks–who would have thought that Ella Mae would take so long?  Our daily five-mile walks, gardening, and general mischief kept me in good health as we waited!  I am lucky to consider my mom one of my closest friends.

Mom and I a week before Ella Mae came- walking Como park

Having a child helped me realize how precious I am to my own parents.  They held me the same way I held Ella Mae for the first time- in complete awe.  My mom felt *this* close to me when I was born!  I am extremely grateful to have had my own mom, Martha Johnson (“grandmartha” to her grand-kids!) there for the birth and beginnings.  She was so soft and sensitive, a great team-mate to Jeff in the delivery, and fell completely in love with our little Ella Mae.  Plus, Ella’s middle name is for her grandma- Martha!

So mom- thank you for spending a month with us.  For making amazing meals and spending time with me (“Scottish!”), keeping me sane, and taking care of us as a young couple as we transformed into a young family!  We love you!

Hours after Ella Mae was born, Grandmartha holding her close in the delivery room

Grandmartha and Ella Mae the day she came home (June 15, 2013)

Ella Mae: 5 weeks

Look who's 5 weeks old!!

During her 4th week, she had special visitors: Grandma Jan Camozzi and cousin Justin from California!  She spent so much time being held and loved by both.  Justin got a kick out of pushing her stroller during walks, and Jan was all about holding her little grand-daughter.  We went to the Mall of America together, and took many walks.  It was so fun to have them visit!

Grandma Jan, the first time she held Ella Mae!

Out for a walk around the neighborhood! Grandma Jan, cousin Justin, Jeff and Nola-dog!

Cousin Justin holding Ella Mae!

Also this week:  Ella Mae and her mom went to a mother-daughter class and mom-daughter Yoga!  We danced to a live band at a local dance and she was held by her god-parents as her parents kicked up their heels!

In her 5th week, Ella Mae had another visitor: Grandpa Don Johnson!  During their time together, she and grandpa bonded with many cuddles and giggles.  We took walks around Lake Harriet with a picnic, visited great-grandma Johnson, and snuggled with great-uncle Tim and great-aunt Cyd Johnson.  Ella Mae began to track more this week by following people around the room, and weighed in at a healthy 9 pounds!  Mom had her 6 week check-up and got a clean bill of health.  We can’t wait to start our 6th week together, what fun we’re having!!

Ella Mae in Grandpa Johnson's hands, their first meeting

Grandpa Johnson teaching us a thing or two about good holds for burps: football hold!

Grandpa Johnson taught us the best hold for gassy tummies: football hold!

Great Grandma Johnson and Ella Mae

Introducing Ella Mae!

Since last post (fall, 2012!), thesis is complete, graduate degree has been obtained (Master of Arts in Music Education, focusing on the Kodaly method!), school has finished, summer is continuing strong, and our new addition, Ella Martha (Ella Mae) Camozzi has arrived!

Miss Ella Mae, meet the world! Our birth announcement

June 14, 2013 at 6 pounds, 9 ounces, 19 inches and big bright eyes.  She has completely melted our hearts and taken over our world in the best way possible.

mom and daughter moments

Ben Hejkal, local photographer and friend, spent a day near her second week birthday taking amazing pictures!  (We highly recommend him!  http://www.benhejkal.com/)  My favorite: Ella Mae inside her great great grandmother’s mandolin case.  Grandpa Norbert Johnson would have been proud:

As we pass her one month birthday (already!) and move toward two months, we are learning all about routines: when to feed (she sets that), nap (yeah, she sets that, too), water the garden, take walks (aplenty!), have tummy-time, go to yoga, go to sleep at night…

Daddy's learning to soothe little bird

She is rapidly gaining weight, and we bring her everywhere with us: concerts in the park, walks with friends, even lindy-hopping at local venues!  She has even gone to her first graduate-level class!  Thanks, UST!  In the midst of it all, I am absolutely loving being a mom, and am so grateful for my amazing husband and new-dad, Jeff.  Though he has returned to work full-time, I will take the fall off to continue working on being a great mom (and who wouldn’t want to miss time with their babe?  I have a feeling returning to work may be a challenge…)

Our little family...

This family portrait may be more appropriate! Nola-dog is quite curious!

In lieu of overwhelming facebook with cute pictures and adorable moments, we’ll use this website to keep family and friends updated on our new little family.  Many sweet moments and pictures to come!