Ella Mae: 10 weeks

I'm 10 weeks!

Our little girl is growing up!  Still hovering right below the 10 pound mark, she is exploring and excitedly making more connections in her little world!

This week, Ella Mae began to notice mirrors, especially mom’s smile on the other side.  She also began to
spend larger amounts of time amused with the mobile above her bed, made by her loving grandMaratha 🙂  She seems very interested in moving objects this week.

She beat the Minnesota heat under the brim of her new sunhat, given by her godmother Eve, looking adorable as always!

One of her parents’ favorite new skills is the beginning of self-soothing.  Ella Mae will begin to fuss during tummy-time, but quickly her fussing will turn to gurgles at the nearby animals and toys.  What joy!  EM 10 talking to birds

Her coos now include moving the mouth in new shapes and exploring their new sounds.  She talks to us frequently and flirts often with those big eyes.

When dad is home from work, she spends good time reading.  I caught dad informing her that she should read the words in her head.  Soon dad, soon. Next week we celebrate mom’s 30th birthday, and she is honestly the best gift one could ask for.

Ella Mae: 9 Weeks

Ella Mae’s 9th week was full of little adventures!  Weighing 9 pounds, 14 ounces, she’s nearly at the 10-pound mark!  This week, she got front-row seats to watch the giant cottonwood in the backyard  be removed.  She also went to a concert at Lake Harriet and met up with godmother Eve Blaney Johnson Brafford!  Her vocabulary continues to grow to include all variations of  “coo” and “gah” and we cannot get enough of her! And here are a few videos of Ella Mae playing with a new butterfly, bedtime with daddy and her talking to the birds!IMG_0974IMG_0999-1IMG_1001

stylish girl!

Mandolin orchestra concert at Lake Harriet

A sun-bonnet that mom wore as a child for a hot day's walk!

All ready for some yoga at Blooma!

...In deep conversation with the birds...

An afternoon with godmother Eve

Going to work with daddy

...and gardening with mommy!

Ella Mae:8 weeks

We have successfully passed the two month mark!  This week, Ella Mae had her first round of vaccinations.  She weighed in at 9 pounds 7 ounces (her doctor said that the weekly weigh-in scale at Blooma may be different from theirs at the clinic), making it to the 15th percentile in weight.  She’s measuring at 1 foot, 9 inches.  Her head circumference was in the 45th percentile!  Though an itty-bitty little thing, Ella Mae is no concern to the doctor.  She passed all of her developmental assessments, and the doctor says that she’s progressing wonderfully!  She was NOT a fan of the shots, though, and neither were her parents!

Nola dog the guardian takes her job seriously

Most children suck on their thumb or finger….but our child sucks on her entire fist!   Often she will drop the nuk and opt for her hand.  I am told this is pre-teething, but it is quite adorable!

She also has met a new friend: Mr. Owl.  They spend countless hours laughing and telling jokes, though in the evenings the owl usually says some off-hand comment that sends Ella Mae into fits of anger.  They are learning to take-turns and be nice, as demonstrated by her coos and then periods of silence, followed by more cooing.  Ella Mae at times reaches out and shakes him, which sends her into peals of laughter and “Ggaa”s.  At other times, she’d rather keep her hands off of him.

Another success: she is taking the bottle from daddy!  This has been a challenge for all of us, as she would rather not have the bottle.  Recently she is calming down and enjoying her time feeding with her dad.  We are all very grateful for this, and their bonding time is very sweet.

At the end of the week, we celebrated a baby shower for Shawn and Chelsea Lavelle, who are getting ready to have a baby boy this fall!  During the party, Ella Mae made friends with McCoy, a darling 6-week old of Bob and Heidi Anderson.  We are convinced that they shared stories of poop and food.

More smiles and noises each day, Ella Mae brings us many sweet moments!  This week, we remove a giant cottonwood from our backyard, so Ella Mae gets to see and hear the buzzing of chainsaws and the motors of a crane!

Ella Mae: 7 weeks

What a week!  After returning home from Chicago, we immediately met Grandma Diana and Grandpa Mike Camozzi!  They drove in from Grand Rapids, Michigan, and complete the grandparents tour!  We had a fun time playing and cuddling!  As Ella Mae approaches her 2 month mark (Friday), she nearly tips the 10 pound scale, weighing in at 9 pounds 7 ounces (though with more food, she’ll be 10 any day!)  Ella seems to be focusing on things more, interacting with faces, and making the funnest squeals, gurgles and hoots.  She loves bath time in the tub with mom and dad, and nature walks will calm her in a second.  We have a feeling that her fire-cracker spirit will only continue as she grows!

Ella Mae in Grandpa Mike's arms

There's the smile! It didn't take long for them to bond

Sleeping in Grandma Diana's arms

"Oh, the little toes!" Grandma Diana kept saying!

We took the family (Ella Mae in car seat next to dad) to Aster Cafe for Jazz and dancing!

Itty-bitty cuddles with Grandpa Mike!

Cuddles with Grandpa Mike

Ella Mae and Grandma Diana having talks about life

Saying goodbye- I think they were ready to pass her back! Didn't they enjoy the screams?

Ella Mae is focusing more on objects and is quite curious about the world around her

She doesn't know what to think about the camera...

She's aware of new noises and sights

A sparkle in her eye

Love that bubbly-smile!

Next week is her 2-month appointment, a trip to Chaska to see her mommy’s classroom, and a baby shower to celebrate her future friend, little boy Lavelle!

Ella Mae: 6 weeks

During Ella Mae’s 6th week, she weighed in at 9 and 1/2 pounds, and went on her first road trips!  Her first road trip was to Mankato, Minnesota and she slept the whole way there and the whole way back!  Sleepy one was held and loved by friends during our day there.

Ladybug girl in the arms of a friend in Mankato, MN.

Ella Mae spent time with her future dance partner and his mom, Chelsea Vize Lavelle!  (Dance partner is yet to be named as he is in his 7th month of cooking, and poor thing was being SAT ON by our daughter!  We’ll have to teach her some manners…) 🙂

Chelsea Lavelle (7 months pregnant with a little boy!) holding Ella Mae

Ella Mae also found many facial expressions!


Twinkle in the eye....



She went on an even LONGER road trip to Evanston, (Chicago) Illinois.  She slept the whole way there, waking to feed and change diapers.  While there, we took many walks and explored the city together.  Jeff’s company adored her at the company party and even gave her an official Care Team Connect onesie!  She kept us awake the drive home, but we managed to make it in one piece!

Sleepy girl at the hotel in Evanston, IL

Talking with daddy at the hotel

"Oh DAD!" Silly times

Home again, home again- we were TIRED!

At the beginning of her 7th week, she met grandma Diana and grandpa Mike!  So many more pictures of their adventures to come, but a taste of what’s to come:

Ella Mae is loved by Papa Mike and Grandma Diana!