Ella Mae: Weeks 26 and 27 (finishing December!)

6-month Ella Mae!

6-month Ella Mae!

What a great two weeks!  Ella Mae enjoyed her first Christmas, her second plane ride, and first time in Northern California!  Other firsts: experiencing a pool, riding in a shopping cart and sitting in a highchair at a restaurant (chicken legs was still too tiny and slid out!)

Ella is now into what WE eat, which is making for interesting meal times!



She is also sitting up like a pro- reaching for and playing with toys during her playtime.

6 month Ella

So nearly crawling!

So nearly crawling!


Right before flying out to Northern California to see family, Ella Mae opened her first presents at home.  As we were warned, we found that Ella was much more interested in the wrapping paper than the presents themselves.  Though she did love her new baby doll and talked to it for a long while in squeals.

First Christmas!

First Christmas!


yum yum

yum yum


Nola was also interested in her new toys

baby doll!

baby doll!

Ella Mae took her second plane trip right before Christmas to see her grandma Jan, cousin Justin, great-grandmother Nanny and great aunt Sandy.  She was quite a good flier, and received many compliments!  On the way home, she proudly stood on mommy’s lap and delivered a joyful speech to the plane…the other travelers weren’t so sure about that one…

Before taking off, grabbing one quick cuddle

Before taking off, grabbing one quick cuddle

On the plane- already asleep!

On the plane- already asleep!

We arrived to Sacramento and rented a car- before driving another hour or so, daddy and Ella had play time

We arrived to Sacramento and rented a car- before driving another hour or so, daddy and Ella had play time



..and her recent favorite- nose grabs! (ouch!)

..and her recent favorite- nose grabs! (ouch!)

At the hotel, Ella spent lots of time playing with cousin Justin and bouncing in the Johnny Jump-up that grandma gave to her.

Ella Mae and Justin

Ella Mae and Justin

Rolling in bed

Rolling in bed

Johnny Jump Up!

Johnny Jump Up!

Grandma Jan opening her grandmother's brag book

Grandma Jan opening her grandmother’s brag book

All-around cuteness!

All-around cuteness!

Ella also experienced a swimming pool for her first time.  She wasn’t so sure, and clung to us tightly with big eyes.  In her fear, she grew so quiet and attentive, no screams or tears.  We swam every day and by the end she was able to splash and squeal. I think we’re ready for those swim lessons!

Pool time with daddy and grandma

Pool time with daddy and grandma

A scene of the family

The Camozzi family at the pool

Ella conked out halfway through a swim, so grandma Jan held her tight and sang to her

Ella conked out halfway through a swim, so grandma Jan held her tight and sang to her

Ella also experienced sitting in a shopping cart for the first time.  Verdict: not so sure…


We went to a Christmas Eve service and opened gifts in the hotel, followed by more swimming!

Christmas baby!

Christmas baby!


After Christmas, we headed to Roseville, CA to see great-grandma Nanny and great-aunt Sandy.  Ella “Elephant” was charming to Nanny and they had many cute moments.  Sandy stopped by and they also played and cuddled.  We ended the night having dinner with Sandy and playing together a little more.  It was great to have family time, and it completely exhausted little bits.

Great-grandmother Nanny, Ella Mae and Jeff

Great-grandmother Nanny, Ella Mae and Jeff

So sweet

So sweet

Cuddles with great-aunt Sandy

Cuddles with great-aunt Sandy

Ella Mae playing with great-grandmother Nanny's walker

Ella Mae playing with great-grandmother Nanny’s walker

Playing with great-aunt Sandy

Playing with great-aunt Sandy

Before we knew it, it was time to fly home.  It was sad to leave the warm California sun, but we had more presents to open when we returned home!  We have many thank-you’s to send to family and friends who made Ella Mae’s first Christmas so special!  Merry Christmas all, and happy new year!

Playing before flying home

Playing before flying home

Opening Papa Mike and Grandma Diana's gifts when we got home

Opening Papa Mike and Grandma Diana’s gifts when we got home

Ella Mae opening a gift...

Ella Mae opening a gift…

...or chewing it...

…or chewing it…

...or climbing on it...

…or climbing on it…

A good first Christmas, I'd say!

Merry Christmas!






























Ella Mae: weeks 23, 24 and 25

She’s 6 months!

Our little smiler has transitioned beautifully to a nanny during the day as both parents are full-time workers again. Mom is tired but quite happy back in her classroom, and the family cuddles each evening and every weekend together.  Time is precious.

Right after Thanksgiving with Papa Mike, grandma Diana, grandmartha and grandpa Johnson, Ella Mae was baptized!  Her loving Godparents Michael and Eve Brafford were there to celebrate with us at Bethlehem Covenant.  What a sweet day!

Ella Mae is giggling voraciously, babbling nonstop and trying to eat anything in sight.  Her latest foods are rice cereal, oatmeal, bananas, cooked apples and avocados.  Each time we introduce a new food, she is unsure, but within a day quickly loves it.

Enough talking, as promised- here are the pictures from the past few weeks of our little babe.


Coffee with Grandpa Johnson


Good food with grandpa


no, grandpa…


I’ll take over!


Grandmartha gets a turn with the bottle


and all is well!


The morning of Ella Mae’s baptism


Kisses before she heads into service


The whole family at Ella Mae’s baptism with Pastor Ryan at Bethlehem Covenant


Grandpa Don was able to baptize Ella Mae alongside Pastor Ryan


One last play before Grandpa Johnson and Grandmartha fly away


Grandmartha painted her wardrobe- so beautiful!


Cuddles and coffee


a few more giggles!


A new game Ella Mae plays- trying to find herself in the mirror


The budding relationship between Ella Mae and Nola dog…


Oh, daddy!


working on those walking legs


..and wanting to run away!


Cute time between daddy and Ella Mae


Ella Mae’s new excited face- scrunching and closing her eyes while squealing. So funny!


“See! Isn’t that funny??”


Ella Mae loves holding the spoon


not so sure about avocado…


REALLY not so sure about avocado…


deciding what to do about this new green taste…


Instead of eating it, we’ll PLAY with it!


yes, that’s much better


Ella Mae loves glasses of water- under supervision, of course!


She loves feeling the glass with her tongue




A selfie after a full day of work and time with the nanny. Tired girls just need more cuddles.


Kisses from daddy after a full day of work!




Ella Mae can now push up, roll over, rotate on her tummy, reach for things AND sit up!


goofy grin!


all ready for the holiday parties!


Ella Mae: 23 weeks

I apologize for no pictures, but will bring many next week!  During Ella Mae’s 23rd week, I got a new computer and have yet to figure out how to attach (and find) the pictures from this week!  So a quick update: Ella Mae had her 6 month appointment a bit early and she is doing wonderfully!  Just under 13 pounds, she’s growing in her growth chart perfectly.  Though still tiny, she’s moving along quite nicely!

She had her Johnson grandparents and Papa Mike and grandma Diana over Thanksgiving- what a hoot!  She was loved everywhere she turned!  With walks, cuddles, shopping trips, tummy time and more cuddles, we think she knows that she’s loved!

We’re back on solids because of her voracious appetite!  Ella Mae now has two meals a day: a meal of rice cereal in milk and later in the day, mushed bananas.  She’s had tastings of cranberries (a love-hate relationship with them), yams and peas.  So far, all tastes are good, and she wants whatever we’re eating at the table!  The spoon gymnastics are a treat as well, as she learns to put it in her mouth (and what an independent girl, she wants to hold it!)

Ella Mae loves kisses and hugs.  She’ll “kiss” us- meaning chewing on our cheeks, and talk to us often with squeals and giggles and coos.  She’s a joy to have around, and never wants to miss a moment (meaning naps and bedtime can be challenging when company is over…)  We are so blessed.

Pictures galore to come!