As we sit mid-August, I am focusing 100% on being present with my family.  I know that I’m about to enter a busy schedule of over 700 students and bringing them the best musical experience surrounded by a genuine appreciation of who they are.  This is my teachers’ New Years: the time to make resolutions and press a much-needed “reset” button before returning to the full-time balance of work and family.  

So for 2017-18, my focus is on a solid tree, rooted in family, a passion for bringing joyful music-making to students of ALL backgrounds, and of keeping true to myself in the midst.  Surrounded by so many others who are doing their best to plod forward, I can feel hopeful for the year ahead.

On the awareness front, we have embraced Prescribe-Nutrition as a family unit, pressing a “reset” on our nutrition before we all get busy!  It is very simpatico with the writings of Michael Pollan and how I have been feeling over the summer about whole foods and less processed food entering our normal diet.  Being able to do this with a good friend has been wonderful, and I highly recommend this plan if you are looking at how and why you eat the way you do.  Feeling so much more energy these days!