rs - 2-4- 08 036Although Liz’s primary teaching emphasis is in classroom music, all opportunities have led her to increased knowledge and experience with children.  She is most at home with her students, and focuses on positive interaction with parents, administration and community alike.  She believes that the key to a solid education is through the support of all three.

While down south, Liz served the Atlanta area in a Kindergarten and through dance instruction.  Her experience at both a private and a non-profit academy have provided opportunities to both teach in a classroom setting and an urban setting.  At the kindergarten, she was able to deliver individualized instruction to four students who spoke three different languages.  Teaching to an ELL setting, she guided her students successfully through their kindergarten experience and into a first-grade setting.

At the East Point Academy in Georgia, Liz was able to teach K-12 music in a truly urban setting.  As the school struggled to meet economic needs, she called upon the community and students to deliver a school-wide concert using their own talents.  Teaching music notation, choir, Orff instruments and music history, Liz met National Music Education standards in her classroom.

Liz has taught K-8 music at H.O.P.E. Academy and Noble Academy in Minnesota. Standing for H.O.P.E. Academy served as a beginning for Liz’s teaching experience. Liz acted as a Hmong-English bilingual teacher and learned conversational Hmong for the children’s comfort. Incorporating Kodaly and music theory skills, Liz uniquely taught English Language skills through music and movement education, co-writing a bilingual musical and a bilingual song for the student body. She also led students in a community parade and met National Music Education standards in her classroom.

Elizabeth Camozzi at Noble Academy's Hmong New Year (in traditional dress)

Elizabeth Camozzi at Noble Academy’s Hmong New Year (in traditional dress)

She directed music at the Hmong New Year, held in December, for the school and families.  The student body sung “Nyob Zoo Xyoo Tsiab”, welcoming their families to the New Year, followed by many talented acts of dancing, performing and singing.  This spring, she is looking forward to developing curriculum, teaching Recorders, Guitar and planning for a Spring concert, as well as continuing a swing dance 101 class for the middle school students.

She has served 1-5 music in District 112 in Chaska, MN.  There, she developed curriculum for the district with a phenomenal team, taught general music and swing dance.  Currently, she resides close to her family in Moundsview, MN at Bel Air Elementary.  You can view her website at

In the summers, she has loved teaching Kodaly folksong collection and materials at Midwestern State University in TX as well as James Madison University in VA.  She loves to make music, play with her kids, grow produce in their backyard “Compozzti” mini-farm, and talk about inspiring teaching methodologies with other music teachers.